Our workshops are held on Hanakawado Studio in Asakusa.
In the workshop we will teach you how to make a rabbit out of candy. The price is 3,100 yen for adults and 2,500 yen for children and the workshop lasts around one hour thirty minutes to two hours.
We basically hold the workshops in Japanese but some instructions written in English are available.

What we'll do

Amezaiku workshop: rabbit (beginner)
In this workshop, you will turn a ball of candy on a stick into a rabbit with your bare hands and a pair of Japanese scissors.You will first watch a video (with English subtitles) on precautions and the steps in making the rabbit.
Then, you will practice twice before making final your candy. After your practices, a craftsman will give you a demonstration, where you will be able to see up close how the rabbits are made. Once you make your rabbit, you will decorate it with food coloring. Your special one-and-only creation will then be complete.
You can eat your candy, but we can also wrap it for you to take home. Your work will be packed in bubble wrap and put in a paper bag. If you’d like to be extra careful, you can purchase a box for your candy for 300 yen.

What else you should know

If someone will be accompanying you (including babies), please let us know in advance. Sometimes when the room is too crowded with participants, we may have to ask him/her to wait outside the room.
The workshop will begin once all those who booked are present, so please be careful not to be late.
You'll be working with hot candy (about 70C/160F), but you won't burn yourself if you shape it with a light hand and don't grab it too hard.

How to book

You can make a reservation via e-mail.
We currently only accept reservations up to 2 weeks in advance.

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